TIC Orange Heights 8-9-23.001

The Irvine Company proposes to destroy a vast stretch of wildlife habitat by developing 1180 new homes between Jamboree and the 241 toll road.  Formerly known as "Santiago Hills Phase II," they now call it "Orange Heights."  In typical marketing fashion, they promote themselves as heroes for preserving open space when, in fact, we have lost our entire valley ecosystem because of their rampant development schemes.  We need to stand up to this bully and defend this valuable foothill ecosystem which supports deer, bobcats, mountain lions, foxes, long-tailed weasels, white-tailed kites, gnatcatchers, cactus wren, roadrunners, quail, pollinators and many other voiceless animals who need it for their survival.  This proposed project has the potential to significantly increase noise, air, light and water pollution and degrade the quality of life for current residents in East Orange.  This outdated project was originally approved in 2005 before many large-scale developments erased thousands of acres of open space throughout the entire county.  A new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) needs to be drafted and circulated to take into the consideration all of the new housing developments, recent wildfires, wildlife habitat loss, increased pollution, traffic congestion and other issues that have plagued Orange County over the past 18 years.  It does not matter how much the project has been scaled back.  We cannot afford to lose more of our rural open space to inappropriate urban sprawl.  Please call, email and write letters to Mayor Dan Slater and Orange city council members and tell them to stop this destructive project and require a new EIR.  Don't let The Irvine Company make a profit at our expense.


City Council: councilinfo@cityoforange.org

Mayor Dan Slater: dan@danslater.com

Council Member John Gyllenhammer: jgyllenhammer@cityoforange.org


City Council's Office
300 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92866

(714) 744-2211



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